Previous events


Dog Structural Eval / Injury Prevention Workshop

Chisholm Creek Pet Resort, 6260 N Hillside, Park City

The workshop will include structural evaluations for each dog and exercises to strengthen any weak or problems areas. $25 fee per dog - payable to Lori Mitchell DVM BRING a dog, crate, chair, a grooming table, if you have one Please RSVP to Lori Perkins for an approximate headcount. This is a wonderful opportunity to be informed and proactive about your dog's orthopedic health.


Meeting - Ceramic Painting and Firing - No Dogs

You're Fired, 1224 N Andover Rd, Andover

If you bring a picture of your dog, they will help you paint it on your chosen ceramic piece - kind of like paint by number. $5-$7 service fee / $3 for each additional piece / all prices per person Bring a color picture of your dog from 3" to about 6". They will print a color copy of your picture, cut it up, and make you something similar to paint by. It takes approx 2 hours to do a dog. You can return anytime to finish, if you need to. Please RSVP to Lori Perkins, just to get an approximate head count.


Wheatland Golden Retriever Club


Monthly Meeting

Mike and Susan Williams, 7277 N. Hillside, Park City, Kansas

Dr Lori Mitchell and her golden retriever Forbes will be at the meeting to inform us about how to assess orthopedic injuries, so that you can identify the problem area for ice and/or massage until you can get in to your veterinarian.

This information is especially invaluable when injuries occur when you are traveling and over the weekend.


Meeting - Holiday Gift Exchange

Pam Lyford's Home, 617 W 47th St N, Wichita

The meeting starts at Pam Lyford's House, then will move to Mike and Susan Williams' for bird introduction by Lonny Taylor of Taylor Made Retrievers.

Mike and Susan Williams 7277 N. Hillside, Park City, Kansas