Meeting - Ceramic Painting and Firing - No Dogs

You're Fired, 1224 N Andover Rd, Andover

If you bring a picture of your dog, they will help you paint it on your chosen ceramic piece - kind of like paint by number. $5-$7 service fee / $3 for each additional piece / all prices per person Bring a color picture of your dog from 3" to about 6". They will print a color copy of your picture, cut it up, and make you something similar to paint by. It takes approx 2 hours to do a dog. You can return anytime to finish, if you need to. Please RSVP to Lori Perkins, just to get an approximate head count.


Dog Structural Eval / Injury Prevention Workshop

Chisholm Creek Pet Resort, 6260 N Hillside, Park City

The workshop will include structural evaluations for each dog and exercises to strengthen any weak or problems areas. $25 fee per dog - payable to Lori Mitchell DVM BRING a dog, crate, chair, a grooming table, if you have one Please RSVP to Lori Perkins for an approximate headcount. This is a wonderful opportunity to be informed and proactive about your dog's orthopedic health.